Alpha Seven Consulting Ltd is
a digital company.

Our Services

Business and Academic

We provide  eLearning to schools  and business  who prefer to adopt eLearning because of the value proposition that it offers.

Every organisation has common goals and eLearning can help businesses achieve these goals. Here’s how eLearning can have a positive impact on your business.

  • Increases sales
  • Improves efficiency
  • Ensures compliance
  • Educates and trains you, your staff and customers
  • Allows for continued and reusable resources

Schools and HomeSchoolers

Teaching materials can be selected based on a child’s individual needs and capabilities.

We can supply bespoke eLearning or Curriculum centred learning for from pre-school to National Exams up to A2 level. Just ask.


All our eLearning resources are varied and can be either ‘off the shelf’ or tailored to your needs.

Choose from a variety of bite-size learning material.


We supply adverts just for you. You will be surprised how little it costs!

Here are a few samples. Email us for a free quote.

Featured Course

  • These episodes will help you with your English.
  • For children only but parent/guardian sign up
  • You will have interactive questions to test your English and attention to detail
  • Follow a lovely story of adventure and time travel and learn at the same time

Recent Courses


Learn about eAuctions

Why This Course: This interactive video would be ideal for those of you in Procurement or studying Procurement. This interactive video is based on CIPS

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Schools and Home Schooling (Coming soon)

Orla and Ollie's Story of Adventure and Time Travel

Information Technology

Food Nutrition


English Short Activities

Number Speaks


Our Popular Social Media Adverts

Choose from a variety of Bite-size learning material.

(If you require your own specialised online training please contact us)

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